Nigeria's leading provider of Expanded Polystyrene
Using our products for your building projects give you numerous advantage over cement and POP; some of which include insulation, shock resistance and cheap prices.
Expanded polystyrene Geofoam Applications
Expanded polystyrene for Low Cost Housing
Expanded polystyrene Custom shapes and Sizes


We are specialised in the construction of major, complex infrastructure projects throughout Nigeria. Using technological and organisational innovation, we develop construction solutions capable of enhancing the resources of communities and contributing to the economic and social improvement of the country.


We create innovative designs that integrate architectural quality, sustainability and advanced performance of buildings, keeping the project under control in every aspect, offering a strong commitment to design excellence.

About Us

Welcome to F2 Dinamico - Nigeria's leading provider of EPS Technology.

We are the leading manufacturers of premium quality expanded polystyrene in Nigeria, serving the construction, packaging and insulation industries. Our dedicated team of professionals also provide value added EPS products which include custom EPS foam profiles and shapes, with an outstanding service based on all our client’s needs and requirements.

F2 Dinamico

Expanded Polystyrene Technology

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls that are expanded through a molding process to create a cost effective and highly efficient material used in hundreds of different applications. EPS is widely used in many everyday applications where its light weight, strength, durability, thermal insulation and shock absorption characteristics provide superior benefits over other materials. These characteristics, combined with its versatility, performance and cost effectiveness have made EPS a packaging and building material of choice


We provide cutting edge solutions for our EPS products. Our products can be used effectively in construction, packaging, insulation and even custom shapes and sizes.

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Training Services

The training is for non professionals that want to go into marketing of buildings product or chemicals. Examples include lectures on measurement, standardization and modular coordination and hiring of 3D stage and event decoration materials

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